View of Bosque County Courthouse

Bosque County Courthouse

110 S Main, Courthouse Square, Meridian

Bosque County Courthouse

Designed in the Gothic styling by J. J. Kane from Fort Worth, and built by P. J. Loonie, the current Bosque County Courthouse was completed in 1886. The county's first courthouse, built in 1854, was a one room log cabin. The current structure is the fourth courthouse for Bosque County.

Bosque County Courthouse interior

Like many courthouses in the area, the exterior was built from local limestone. Unique iron stairs and railing remain in the interior of the building.

Bosque County Courthouse

The courthouse originally had a Gothic tower and small turrets. As part of a WPA project in the 1930's, these were removed in order to strengthen the roof. The courthouse underwent a major renovation in 2007, at which time these features were restored to the building.

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